1985 PRS Vintage Yellow Custom 24 Serial #5 03XX


Vintage Yellow

Ever since meeting a young Paul Reed Smith at a Musicians’ Institute seminar he gave in Los Angeles, the owner of this all-original ’85 Vintage Yellow Custom had wanted to own one of Paul’s early classics.

The year of that seminar was 1985 — just prior to the historic NAMM show which would introduce Paul’s new company to the world. Paul brought along one of Santana’s guitars (with the Jamaican Flag paint job), one of Howard Leese’s and one of Al Di Meola’s to share with those in attendance. The owner said he could tell immediately he was looking at the next big thing in the American guitars — the quality and craftsmanship of what he was witnessing was undeniable.

Vintage Yellow1985 Vintage Yellow Custom 24 Serial #5 03XX1985 Vintage Yellow Custom 24 Serial #5 03XX1985 Vintage Yellow Custom 24 Serial #5 03XXVintage Yellow

In the early 2000′s his dream finally came true and he landed this ’85 VY masterpiece for his own. Everything is stock PRS — Stamped T&B pickups, Brazilian Board with Birds, one-piece Mil-Com trem and sweet switch. And she’s every bit as sweet now as she was when first rolling off the Maryland shop floor in ’85.

One more thing — the owner still has the original PRS catalog Paul handed out to the students attendng the seminar that day. It was that catalogue which ignited a love-affair with PRS lasting 26 years and counting.

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