1987 PRS Whale Blue Signature Model #7X


Say hello to a stunning double-digit Whale Blue Signature Model which recently resurfaced in Europe!

She came up for auction on eBay UK with the seller conveniently adding his phone number. Fortunately, the new owner saw the listing in the first ninety minutes, jumped on his cell, agreed on a price, then drove five hours straight-away to pick her up in person. Hey — when you see one of these precious Sigs come up, you’ve GOT to jump on it fast or some other wild-eyed PRS fanatic might just beat you to it!

1987 Whale Blue Signature Model 7X1987 Whale Blue Signature Series 7X1987 Whale Blue Signature Series 7X1987 Whale Blue Signature Series 7X

The history behind the guitar was equally as colorful. Doug Chandler — the European PRS importer in the late ’80′s — brought it back from Germany for a well-known jazz artist living in the UK. Apparently, it was one of the first Sigs to make it overseas.

The jazz artist played her sparingly, then gave it to his son, who played it just long enough to ding up the headstock points before going off to college. And so there Signature Model #72 sat, cased and forgotten for over ten years.

Early in 2011, the jazz artist traded it to a music store that wasn’t into PRS. They called a long-time customer saying, “I just got a used Paul Reed Smith in, I think its called a Custom or something, do you wanna buy it?”

1987 Whale Blue Signature Series 7X1987 Whale Blue Signature Series 7X1987 Whale Blue Signature Series 7X1987 Whale Blue Signature Series 7X

The store clearly didn’t recognize what they had, but their customer friend did and bought it on the spot for a deal so silly he wouldn’t even reveal what he’d paid. The lucky bastard kept it for a few months, then decided to move it to raise cash for another investment.

That’s when the eBay listing went up, and the new owner made his big move.

She’s completely original with zero fade — highly unusual for whale blue, but one of the few benefits of being kept in the dark for ten-plus years. All the hallmarks of the early Signatures are there — Brazilian board, sweet switch, and searing Stamped T&B pickups. And just check out the sick tiger-striping of that bodacious top!

Interestingly, there’s no handwritten “Sig #72″ on the back of the headstock. There’s long been a rumor that inking the Sig number wasn’t an automatic thing until the mid-100′s. Hard to say whether that’s strictly true, but there is zero evidence of any re-spray and the finish is nicely sunken into the guitar — one of the best ways to ascertain an older PRS’s authenticity.

Don’t miss the killer pic of the ink stamp on the original one-piece Mil-Com bridge. Doesn’t get any better or more original than that, PRS Lovers.

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