1991 Cherry Sunburst PRS Custom 24 Serial #XXXXX



Limited Run 1991 PRS Custom 24 in pristine condition. I’ll let the owner tell the great story behind this beauty –

“Back in 1994, I had an appointment with a guy selling a guitar. He told me it was something very special — a unique, one of a kind Paul Reed Smith Custom. PRS were pretty rare at that time in Germany.

He showed up at my apartment, sprung open the case, and I was totally blown away. Laying before me was one of the most spectacular birdseye maple (a.k.a. “popcorn”) sunburst quilt tops I’d seen on any guitar, anywhere, anytime.

Then he showed me the back of the headstock — this stunning guitar was #1 of a 14 piece Limited Run Paul had done specially for Guitar Center Hollywood in 1991.

Here’s the bad news — I was dead broke. Luckily, the owner agreed to work a trade. I traded a ’72 Telecaster, early ’90′s Goldtop Les Paul reissue, and… an original 1969 Black Stratocaster. Yeah, it was a high price to pay. But after seeing this incredible PRS, I simply had to have it.

Overnight it became my number one guitar. For years, I hardly played or practiced on anything else.

1991 PRS Custom 24 Cherry Sunburst1991 PRS Custom 24 Cherry Sunburst1991 PRS Custom 24 Cherry Sunburst1991 PRS Custom 24 Cherry Sunburst1991 PRS Custom 24 Cherry Sunburst1991 PRS Custom 24 Cherry Sunburst

Eventually, like many of us, I experienced some tough financial times. I had to let go of my beloved ’57 Strat, my ’72 Hardtail (best Strat I’ve played in my life), and one of the very first Ibanez UV’s. The last guitar I sold was the popcorn top 1991 PRS Custom. It was a very sad moment for me.

Years went by. After 2005, I was making good money again and starting wondering what had happened to my PRS I’d loved so much. I contacted the guy I had sold it to, but he’d flipped it years ago and had no idea where it was. I was disappointed, but what could I do? After that, I’d search the online guitar ads in German, the UK and the U.S. vainly dreaming I’d find her again.

Ten years later, I came home late one night and started surfing the Net. Like magic, my old guitar appeared right before my eyes! She was with a dealer in the Netherlands. I fired off an email and thirty minutes later I was talking to the seller on the phone. He said me he’d purchased my PRS from a German collector maybe eight years ago. We closed the deal right then.

When my ’91 Custom arrived, I couldn’t believe what great condition she was in. She still looked brand new — it didn’t look like anyone had played her at all in the sixteen years we’d been apart. What could I say but, “Welcome Home, My Love!”

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