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Vintage PRS Guitars is a not-for-profit labor of love, attempting to create a visual warehouse of some of the most spectacular examples of Paul Reed Smith’s ingenuity and craftsmanship.

The guitars created by PRS from the 1985 NAMM 20 through the end of the Signature Model run in 1992 are highly prized by owners and sought-after by collectors — they are so far superior to Gibson and Fender guitars of the same era that it’s not even competitive.

An ’86 Les Paul? Who cares? An ’86 PRS Custom 24? A top-dollar investment-grade instrument which sounds and plays better than ever.


The guitars pictured on this site are PRIVATELY OWNED. ¬†Unless specifically listed on the “Wanted To Buy/For Sale” page above, please do not waste either of our times sending emails offering to buy these instruments. The photographs posted here are for posterity and enjoyment — a visual celebration of some of the finest artistry ever witnessed in the world of the electric guitars.

*** SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME! *** If you own a vintage PRS guitar, simply contact us to see about creating a page –



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